10-Word Stories (From Microsatan Mag #4)

The moment I sawed you, I ruined the magic trick.


Shrimping is hard, swimming is harder, drowning is the worst.


Ignoring all warnings, I opened shop. Sign market too crowded.


Tonight, we fell in love. Fuck, uncompatible phone chargers. Nevermind.


Roomba thought it was the last of its species. Tragic.


Chad lived in his car. Had a home, got lost.


Surfing gravitational waves was always too lofty of a goal.


Her new invention was complete! Plastic hats would change everything!


On Halloween: dressed as Pinhead, he tripped. Now, he’s Pinhead.


Fittingly enough for our purposes, augmented reality changed the world.


“There is no story without conflict.”
“Yes there is, idiot.”